A Proverb A Day: So Much Wisdom To Be Obtained

Proverb A Day

Have you ever had the desire to read the bible but didn’t know where to start? A book so large, filled with so much knowledge and wisdom sure can be intimidating. More often in the past than now, I used to feel lost with where to go when trying to read the bible daily. It wasn’t until a mentor of mine, shared with me how important it is to read “A Proverb A Day”. Read More →

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Looking For Change?

Looking for a Change_

Seven months pregnant, cooking dinner, with light gospel music playing in the back ground on my under the counter mounted radio, my husband walks through the front door from work and before I could kiss him or say hello, I spill my heart out…”Dear I need to get a part time job. I love being at home with the kids but I need a change and to get out, stretch my wings and live a little. I find myself to be lonely and as if I have gifts that I’m not using. I see other women going to work and having something of their own and I find myself becoming a little down and jealous. I believe that possibly it’s time for me to try something new. I seen the perfect career opportunity and I would love to apply.” Read More →

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Keep the Door Closed To the Enemy In Your Marriage


Keep the door closed to the enemyin your marriage.


Some years ago when I first got married, whenever my husband and I would get into a disagreement. I would get upset, my feelings would be hurt and I didn’t want to be around him.Whenever I was angry with him I would need to leave his presence. So, without much thought, I would pack up the kids and take a 45 min drive to my mothers. Having no contact with my husband, sometimes I would stay a night or more way. Yet, I knew each time I left. I would eventually come back home, I just needed time to cool off. It wasn’t until I received wise counsel from a friend that made me rethink my choices, learn to communicate and not run whenever my husband and I didn’t see eye to eye. Read More →

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Listening to God Before You Get Married

The whispers before marriage.(1)

Growing up my mother told me, “God always shows you what you are getting yourself into especially when it comes to relationships. He shows you who that person is.” She would express this to me prior to getting into a relationship. I found truth in her words. Each time my relationships failed, I could pinpoint the time God had whispered little truths and each time I ignored his voice. Read More →

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5 Stages of The Process


In life, we will have to face many shifts and transitions that may cause us to become weary and defeated at times. It is in those moments that we must be even more aware of what God is doing, saying and preparing for us. WE MUST BE OPEN TO OUR PROCESS… Whether good or bad, there are certain things we have to endure, in order to gain the lessons of each journey. God has recently revealed to me how important The Process is in every shift of life. Read More →

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Married at First Sight: A Lesson in Love


Married at First SightI’ve been watching Married at First Sight since the very first season that it debuted on television. This show captivated me because it put people and an unseemly situation; one that I know has to be completely uncomfortable and outside of anyone’s comfort zone. Just the mere thought of trusting “experts” to match you with your life partner and forging a commitment such as marriage sounds ridiculous. But then I thought about it. Arranged marriages have been happening for centuries. And they worked! So here are a few things that I’ve taken away from Married at First Sight. Read More →

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Six Morning Habits to Begin A Successful Day

Before truly understanding the power of thoughts, when I awoke in the morning the first thing I would do is reach for my cell phone. Before my feet would hit the floor, I would check my email and I would scroll through Facebook to get updated on the latest news. The majority of the time what I saw and read was negative. Once I realized how starting my day off negatively, deeply affected my spiritual, mental and physical health. I started to make some necessary changes. Read More →

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Trusting Him


Trust the Lord completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge. Proverbs 3:5 (ERV)

Financially we were comfortable, we had a nice cushion in our savings and all our bills were paid. As summer was coming to an end and fall approaching, the holiday season was almost in effect. We were excited to begin Christmas shopping for the kids. Their list was as long as the Eiffel Tower, but hey we wanted them to be happy ;o)

That August, we went to a family wedding in Denver, a perfect getaway for my husband, Brian and I. We wanted to site see in Colorado Springs so we decided to go on a cave tour. Although historic and beautiful, in the cave, there was several times where we had to bend. At some point during our tour my husband injured his back. Which changed our financial situation tremendously. Read More →

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